Supra Aluminium Industri was established in 1997, located at East Java, Indonesia. We are specialist in producing top quality light-gauge aluminium foil. Our existing aluminium foil production facilities consisted of 3 rolling mills, 1 Spidem and 2 Loewy, have equipped with automatic gauge and flatness control systems. Top quality of aluminium foil in result is managed by the strength of production management and skillful personnel. We apply strict quality standard and method, tight controlled the quality and cleanliness of our environment by discipline inspection and high dedication.

We have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the industry with strong technical know-how, experience and expertise to make efficient products. Our company is not the biggest aluminium foil maker in Indonesia, which has production output around 4,500 Mt annually, but we have been focused on maintaining high quality standard. Our products mainly have supplied to certain customers who demands high quality requirement. We are proud to become a reliable supplier for major flexible-packaging companies in Indonesia, where some of them are Worldwide Japanese companies.